Well the Groundhog Was Half Right

Here we are, February already, and only now dealing with the first big snowfall  of the season… unfortunately, we only got about 5″ on the ground here, though other areas got quite a bit more — Anne’s sister is visiting from Connecticut, and called home to find that they got more than a foot “so far,” along with high winds and thunder. The ground is white here, and we had to shovel the cars out, but that’s really all she wrote. The snow is too shallow, and too wet, to be much good for winter fun. (It was a work day anyway: today was the day we moved Anne’s mom into her new place. Tomorrow will be more of the same, as we move her furniture and set up her apartment.)

Yesterday was warm and sunny, literally in the sixties, it’s hard to believe the difference from then to now. I put my singlespeed back together yesterday — all it really needed was to have the tires and pedals put back on — then rode around the neighborhood all afternoon.


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