Sunday Morning

Morning weigh-in: 190.5#, 14.5%

It’s chilly again, and rainy out to boot, so I’m just chilling at home. Anne is playing violin with one of her concert friends, and later we’ll be brewing beer, but right now I’m enjoying my lethargy.

We did a short ride yesterday, with our friend Shari W, going over to Southside where we picked up our brewing supplies, grabbed some take-out at Tulum, and then went over to Bonn Place for a long, liquid, late lunch. Allie was working behind the bar, and Erin popped in for a bit — we have mutual friends, and she lives in the neighborhood so that’s her hangout — and eventually Shari’s husband Rick joined us, so it was a good convivial afternoon. But I discovered once again, the hard way once again, that I am not much of a day drinker: when we got home all I wanted was to go to bed even though it was like 6:00. Two beers — maybe three? Party animal!

We made a roast beef for dinner, and stayed up long enough to go to bed at a reasonable hour.


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