So we’re back from our vacation trip — a little over a week in the Adirondacks with a part of Anne’s extended family (Lorraine & Ray, Joe & Laura with Alex, and Holly who came up with us), plus a few days in Montpelier for Ben’s graduation. All in all a great vacation: hiking, biking, canoes and kayaks, and a whole lot of reading or just hanging out, and the weather was beautiful the whole time. More stories and photos are coming, but for now here’s a shot of the cabin’s yard:

adirondack trees and lake
A view of the yard and lake from our cabin.

I think that’s Holly in the hammock, but we all got our fair share…

The return to reality was a bit abrupt though, hot humid weather and thunderstorms all the way back, followed by more of the same once we were home. We got home Monday night, and Tuesday morning we went to the funeral for Kris’s father Frank. Ninety years old, a fun and just plain decent guy — he helped on the PPRAC rides, driving support vehicles — with a love of life and a great sense of humor. (It sounds cliché but he really was all that.) Kris’s sister and Mom also passed away over the last year or so, so this was especially rough for her and her siblings. Rest in peace, Frank.

We’re now back long enough to get into the groove of things: I was at the museum yesterday and did a Trail Patrol ride today on the towpath, and Anne is now at orchestra. Tomorrow we go picking blueberries with Renee.

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