The Year in Free Fall

Well look at that, it’s December already!

Listening: David Bowie’s “Fame” is on Radio Paradise.

Not much is going on, but I thought I’d check in anyway… It’s been rainy and cold the past few days. We kegged our latest beer today, and we were going to brew today, but since we do our brewing outside these days (where it was, you know, raining), we skipped that part. (By the way, that new Roggenbier has quite a kick: the samples we took while kegging actually left us puzzled.)

The GPX project is somewhat on hold right now, as I’ve gone into several other obsessions: I ran across some python scripts to build an interface, and I got them working. Excelsior! They were part of that Re-Entrant Throat Calculator port to FreeCAD I was playing with a while back. I may play with that a little more, it was fun to mess with it again.

I’m also having more fun than seems appropriate, massaging our budgeting and financial data with Postgresql and JasperSoft Studio. I downloaded this past year’s banking transactions (think ATM and debit card purchase records), put them into a table and, deciphering each transaction description, sorted them into various categories. I then put them into a spreadsheet to help with planning next year’s budget, and I also broke them down into various Jasper Reports graphs and charts — I’m not sure JasperSoft Studio is all that great but I do like seeing what I can make of my data.

By the way, this is what I wrote ten years ago.

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