Out and About

I’m over on Southside now, blogging from Sagra Beans, the new coffee house in the new building, basically where the late, lamented Wildflower Cafe used to be. Well, “lamented” might be too strong of a word: I pretty much never went there, hadn’t been inside for years before they closed (years ago), but still.

I have to say though, that this place is pretty nice. They have the usual coffee shop problem — they don’t lack the manpower, but they do lack a system for quick customer throughput when things get busy: they had four people on line when I got there, and the place was shut down while one worker worked the espresso machine. Not a good situation for a caffeine-deprived queue!

This problem is not unique though; in fact I know of few coffee shops, ones worth going to, where this does not happen. On the plus side, these guys have plenty of space and plenty of seats, including several spacious bar-type seating areas — I was originally going to go to Lit, but their space was all taken: one or two people at each four-person table and a bunch of empty couches, unsuitable for laptops. I have all the room I want now, and the people here are also very friendly. They’ve got my recommendation!

What to do while I’m here? This place so new nobody put them on OpenStreetMap yet, so I went on and added them. (For “information source” when I uploaded the data, I was tempted to put “I’m there now.”) Then I did a little browsing, and a little blogging, and now my coffee is done and I’m ready to go.

Actually, I think I’ll stick around for a bit — they’re about to roast some coffee in this huge machine right in front of where I’m sitting, and it looks pretty interesting. I do have to get out of here soon though: I’m ready for rain, with raincoat, umbrella, waterproof laptop bag and all, but I still want to try and beat the storm. I’ll be driving over to Easton for my music lesson later, but I’m on foot for now.

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