Resolve To Stop Procrastinating

Hi! I’m back! Welcome to 2019!

I’m sitting in the living room right now, listening to the radio on a rainy day — WXPN has a program going in right now, “50/50,” where every Saturday afternoon (for 50 weeks) they play the songs from a different year. Today’s year is 1979, a weird and transitional one musically, and we’ve heard everything from punk and New Wave, to disco, to what eventually became good old classic rock. An interesting mix.

Some Lists:

Places We’ve Been This Year

  • Montreal with John & Donna
  • Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg, VA
  • Durham, NC to visit Emmi & Kyle
  • The Adirondacks with the Felker clan
  • Montpelier VT, for Ben’s graduation
  • Michigan (Ann Arbor and the Upper Peninsula)
  • Sudbury, ON, and Niagara Falls
  • Nashville, TN for Brian & Heather’s wedding
  • Columbus, OH


  • Wissahickon (VMB )
  • Merli-Sarnoski Park (VMB)
  • Philadelphia via the Schuylkill River Trail
  • Road Scholars Rides
  • Road and MTB in the Adirondacks
  • Wildcat Ridge, NJ
  • Tahquamenon Falls & Indian Lake Road Rides, MI
  • Marquette and Calumette, MI
  • Wissahickon (with Hope & Renee)

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