Candlemas Past

It’s the day after the Superbowl of Chili, and I’m feeling a little bit ratty, which is a bit strange considering our behavior. It was just Eric R and myself who went this year, and we were pretty restrained. We had a couple of beers while eating chili, but there was no afterparty, no bar-hopping; we grabbed some coffee at the Easton Market afterward, and then just grabbed a Lyft home. (I actually saw the second half of the game later. Boooorring!!!)

So I’m not sure what’s going on, but I was headachey last night and I’m tired today. Sinuses or congestion? Chili and indigestion? Low tolerance, a slow-acting hangover? No idea, but today has the feel of a wasted day.

The chili contest itself was actually pretty cool. There were fewer restaurants competing, and fewer people attending (which may be a good thing from my point of view, since the place can get crowded), but the chili recipes, especially the ones from the newer contestants, were a quantum leap up from those in years past. There was a great deal of skillful and appropriate spice/ingredient mixing, as opposed to the tired, old, “this one goes to eleven” Scoville units pissing contest. I guess others saw things the same way because my favorite, from Braveheart Highlands Pub, won both Judges’ Choice and People’s Choice awards.

Saturday was a visit down to my parents, where my cousin JoAnn was also visiting from Long Island. She’s a few years older then I am, and she and Ed both just retired, and it was really fun to catch up, trade family gossip and talk genealogy for a bit. Chris and Tara also came over, and Mom made a lasagna dinner. I didn’t get home until pretty late, but it was a nice day.

I don’t know what the groundhog had to say Friday, but I’m guessing we have another six weeks of winter coming: it’s been sunny the past few days, and the weather has moderated from the deep freeze we’ve been having. It’s unseasonably warm right now, like 56 degrees out, but I think the cold is supposed to be back soon.

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