Our grill has been in pretty bad shape since late last year, when some burner parts — the heat shields, which should have been stainless steel but weren’t — basically rotted away to nothing. We let it sit for the entire start of grilling season, only picking up some replacement shields at Lowe’s the other day. The replacements were the wrong shape at the ends and couldn’t attach to our grill, but I was able to trim them to fit with tin snips. Some new propane, and we were good to go!

Old Grill, Shiny New Heat Shields

Last night was our first barbecue of the season. We had a Warm Showers guest, a guy from Poland who had biked across the country and was getting close to his finish in NYC. We had John & Donna over too, and had hot dogs and burgers and beers, plus a few summery salads.

When it was dark enough, we watched the city fireworks from the front porch. Happy Fourth, everybody!

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