Anne and Lorraine went to Columbus for a knitter’s convention, and then (last Sunday, after the convention was over) Ray and I drove out to meet them so we could all spend a few days checking out the city. We were in the part of town called Short North, which was one of several quaint sections, all brick houses and cobblestones — we stayed in a converted loft in a former Wonder Bread factory, just on the edge of the neighborhood. The area was ideal for walkability, and for restaurants, and night clubs and coffee shops and bookstores…

There’s not really much to say about what we did: we got breakfast, we walked around, seeing the sights and visiting bookstores etc, and in the evening we grabbed dinner and drinks. Nothing particularly notable, it was just a pleasant visit. Ray had gone to college in Columbus, and lived pretty close to our AirBnb for a number of years, and so we visited some of his old neighborhoods in our walks. In between all these things, we read the books we bought.

We did visit two major attractions while we were there: the Botanical Gardens and the Art Museum. I only took pictures at the Botanical Gardens (and maybe I’ll post some soon), but both were really fun.

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