More Fun with Routing

I’m not sure why I did it, but I installed PHP and Apache on my new computer, then moved a bunch of my “internal website” stuff over from storage. Everything seemed to work pretty well, so I tried the commuter routing program — I got errors, natch.

I looked at the error messages and realized that the pgRouting routines had changed, so my database routing functions were out of date — that led to me discover that even the newer version of PgAdmin3 doesn’t work well with my newer Postgresql version, especially when it comes to functions. So, I installed phpPgAdmin — which was also borked, and in the same way, but I was able to fix the source code. Even working properly it couldn’t do what I needed though, which was to modify my old function. I tried writing a new function through phpPgAdmin, which was extremely laborious, and basically re-wrote the original, broken function, so now I had two useless functions that I couldn’t modify. Ugggh, time for bed.

I woke up this morning and got it done old-school, writing a SQL script to define the function and running that from the command line. Presto, now I have a working function, and a working commuter routing program. Bonus: the new version of pgRouting is much faster (though that could be the new computer), and some routing errors are now fixed. Wish you could see it!

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