I get email through my contact form, not much of it but a few arrive every week, and almost all of it is spam. I have things in place to block spammy comment form submissions, based on phrases that spammers (but hopefully not legitimate form users), might use, phrases like “Oakley Sunglasses,” “internet marketing,” and variations on “nude” — I got a whole cluster of these nudie offers a few months ago, and was a bit surprised that I hadn’t already blocked them, and actually hadn’t had a need to, until that point…

Anyway, I still get a few spam emails through the contact form, but at this point they’re really vague, with innocuous wording, and enhancing the blocking efforts to catch them has become a diminishing returns / choose-your-battles kind of thing so I let them slide. Every so often I get a doozy though, and here’s one I had to share:

Subject: Delivery of your email messages.

Message Body:

Did you know that it is possible to send message fully legal?
We sell a new legal way of sending message through feedback forms. Such forms are located on many sites.
When such commercial offers are sent, no personal data is used, and messages are sent to forms specifically designed to receive messages and appeals.
Also, messages sent through communication Forms do not get into spam because such messages are considered important.
We offer you to test our service for free. We will send up to 50,000 messages for you.
The cost of sending one million messages is 49 USD.

This message is created automatically. Please use the contact details below to contact us.


You’re spamming me, through my contact form, to offer me your awesome contact-form-spam service? Gotta lotta damn gall I tell ya, and your phrasing… It seemed almost too provocative, as if they were fishing for someone to reply with a piece of their mind, and thus hand over their legitimate email address. Oh well, I (mostly) didn’t rise to the bait, and for this form submission I made an exception: I found a way to block similar messages.

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