Background Obsession

There have not been too many morning weigh-ins posted here lately, but that does not mean my obsession has abated. Far from it — I actually started keeping a log of my daily weights as a spreadsheet, and set up an R script to analyze and graph the results. Behold my weight loss since late June:

The blue dots are my weight measurements, the black dotted line represents a “linear best fit,” and the red curve represents a smoothed, “LOESS best fit.” My target weight is 167 pounds, which is the weight I need for a BMI of 25, the highest “normal” BMI — I get to 167# and I am no longer overweight.

I used the linear regression to figure when I’ll reach my target — it’s not shown here, but the black line is set to cross that green line on October 19th. The red curve is kind of showing me hitting a wall near 170# though, so we’ll see…

Anyway, today was the group ride with Sights for Hope. Anne arranged for a bunch of tandem bicycles, and sighted captains to pilot them, to give sight-impaired people a chance to go for a bike ride. Scott S, Brian S and Ben (who came up from Philly with his sight-impaired friend William) were the captains, and one couple came with their own tandem, so there were four tandems in all. (Ann, Sara A and I rode our regular bikes in support.) We went around the loop of the Ironton Rail-Trail, about 5 miles or so, then had a lunch break before calling it a day. A very pleasant ride, and a very interesting group of people.