Candles In Her Hair, Candles Everywhere

Imbolc. Groundhog Day, Saint Brigid’s Day, the day the Swedes get pretty maidens to wear candle-festooned tiaras to celebrate the turning of the sun toward Spring… It was cloudy this morning, but apparently bright enough that Punxnatawney Phil saw his shadow, and predicted six more (more? more!?) weeks of winter. Sunny out now, I might start to get the bikes ready, groundhog or no.

We went out last night to the usual, to celebrate a break in our recent activity overload: Anne’s downstairs offices are painted and rented, and a recent family health situation has resolved itself, at least partially and for the moment — it was definitely break time, and a much needed and well deserved break at that. We met John and Donna there, and also saw Doug and Lori, and though it  wasn’t the latest of school nights, we managed to have a pretty good time, with much good conversation.

Today I have an evening class (solid modeling with SolidWorks) over at the Fab Lab, but other than that — and for the first time in weeks — not much else to do today. I’ll probably play a bit of catch-up on household chores, maybe do some bike work, and then later we’ll go over to the Allentown Farmer’s Market, with a lunch stop at Sib’s Deli. Ah, Reuben, how I’ve missed you!


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