Just A Test

This is a shot of VolksPlatz and other Musikfest shenanegans, from the Broad Street bridge over the Monocacy and colonial industrial quarter. I took it on our way home the other day, and I’m posting it here as a test, to see about blogging from my phone.

2 Responses to Just A Test

  1. I found you!
    Are you on route to or in Mich. yet?
    Loved your visit.
    You invigorated us. After you left we went to a park and enjoyed the action of kayackers and other boaters.
    I wish I were younger to try some activities.
    We are always voyeurs! Not as much fun!
    Keep up your love of the Outdoors.
    It’s so good for you ^ so much fun.
    Have a great time.
    love to Anne.

  2. Stay tuned for Michigan adventures…