All My Dreams Come True

This morning, after years of procrastination, I got my chipped front tooth fixed. The dentist decided not to use any novocaine, or any anesthetic at all, and it was the most painless bit of dentistry I ever experienced. And now I have my smile back…

When I got home, the town leaf collector truck was just in the process of cleaning up our leaf pile, which had been sitting there, mocking me, since late October. My day was complete.

Actually, it was just noon, but the rest of the day was gravy: I rode down to the Museum for a few hours and got home just before dark, then I hung out, played my cello and did a little reading.

I went to my old boss’s retirement luncheon yesterday, and saw many old friends and co-workers there, which was strangely bittersweet (many were looking much older and less hale, and there was much talk of a vanishing past), and for the rest of the day I was kind of — not somber exactly, but maybe a little bit, maybe a bit nostalgic, a bit reflective, a bit Mais ou sont les neiges d’antan?”

Today I was back on my game.

2 Responses to All My Dreams Come True

  1. Avatar Helen Kelly
    Helen Kelly says:

    Yeah! Your teeth are beautiful again!
    Actually you looked so good to me last get together that I wondered if indeed your tooth was perfect again! Premonition>

  2. Thanks! Soon you’ll see them in person!