We went down to visit Ben & Candace in Philly on Monday. We took a walk around Bartram’s Garden, grabbed some lunch downtown, and made our traditional trip to Penn Books — they may not be there much more longer, so it was good to get in one last visit. I got a few SF titles, and already finished one: Jeff VanderMeer’s The Strange Bird. This is another story in the “Borne” universe, and I think it’s by far the best story in that universe, though it probably can’t stand on its own – it needs those other stories to make sense. Still, it’s got my recommendation.

Last night was a poetry reading at the library: a public reading of Leaves of Grass in honor of Walt Whitman’s birthday. Anne read a poem, as did our friends Matt (poet/librarian), and Sarah, and many others. Very fun!

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  1. Avatar Helen M. Kelly
    Helen M. Kelly says:

    W.W. my fave poet.
    Love his spirit.
    I have been reading posts but don’t reply unless in Comp rm.
    We had Poetry Reading not big. I organized. Not much response but 6 of us read to about 30-so that’s good.
    We had Jackson Writers Group- all 4 published authors. It was great.
    I will join when I arrange a ride for nighttime.
    Nervous to have my work critiqued.
    I miss seeing you.
    We have to plan before Dad & I go to FL
    We go to Tara/Chris for M’s Day.
    They always have us & Tara’s parents, so it’s interesting.
    Poor Chris Jr- the only youth! but he seems to have laughs with us. (or at us!)
    Have a nice M’s Day for Anne , her Mom & all the moms up there.
    I’ll call you.