An Empire Rebuilt

Now that I have my new Garmin device, I’ve been thinking of picking up where I left off with that ride database and viewing project, which I haven’t touched in months. So imagine my surprise when I go to open Eclipse, my IDE of choice for just about all things coding, and it’s missing!

I have no idea what happened. Sometime between about March and yesterday it deleted itself from my machine — maybe some other program deleted it, or maybe I did it myself without realizing, but bottom line: it was definitely gone. I checked, and the data/programs I’d been working on were still on my machine (whew!) so all I had to do was re-install the program…

It turned out not to be so simple: the latest versions all require 64-bit systems (my dinosaur of a laptop is 32-bit), and the version provided in my outmoded distribution (Linux Mint 17) was far older than the one I had previously installed. Luckily I found, buried in my archives, the program installer for my previous version. I ran that, which gave me a bare-bones installation, and then I started adding on the other modules I used to use. After that came all my personalized configurations… It took a while to get things back to what I think I remember my old system looked like, but everything seems pretty normal again now.

I’m not ready to start messing with the code just yet, but it’s a big load off my mind to know that my setup is back in place.

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