Old Paint, Like The “Mary Ellen Carter”

I finally made good on the promise I made to Anne, to my brother-in-law Ray — to anyone who would listen, really — to get a new headset for the Iguana, after that bike-pukes-ball-bearings debacle at Mauch Chunk Lake. I ordered the headset (from Saucon Valley Bikes) last week, brought the bike in a few days ago for them to install it, and picked it up this afternoon. I haven’t done a test ride yet, but it feels great.

Once I got it home I took apart the rear grip shifter and lubed it, and replaced the shifter cable and housing while I was at it. This took longer than I expected, since I forgot how to work with grip shifters, but eventually it all came together — I have now resolved two decade-old problem areas.

Right in the nick of time too, because next week I’m back to the Road Scholar tours, and the Iguana is my go-to bike for these rides because it can carry panniers.

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