Kathryn Kerrigan Kelly (1900-1967)

That’s my paternal grandmother, who passed away on this date, fifty four years ago. I was only four at the time, so I don’t really remember her. I have one vague memory of a visit to the nursing home, probably not long before she died: she was in a wheelchair, and I climbed up onto her lap and gave her a hug.

There’s no point to this post. I just happened to launch GRAMPS for other reasons, and there was an “on this date in your family’s history” notification about her, and I thought I’d remember her (as best I can) for a moment.

2 Responses to Kathryn Kerrigan Kelly (1900-1967)

  1. 3 photos are new to me.
    Dad will .ove these.
    A lovely tribute to your grandmother.
    She had strokes that caused her to eventually go to nursing home in Bohemia near Aunt Kathleen.r

  2. I believe some of them once belonged to Aunt Eileen; you probably have them somewhere, because I scanned these at your house in 2016. At least a few of these photos are more than a century old! I think that last photo I posted is a great shot of Dad as a young man.