Ride Ride Ride

I was sick last week, Wednesday and Thursday, and then Friday was a travel day — I camped out over the weekend, near R.B. Winter State Park, at the BEMBA “Jamboree” — but since then I…

  • rode 25 miles of Bald Eagle State Forest trails at the Jamboree on Saturday,
  • rode another (almost) 20 Jamboree miles on Sunday,
  • did a short Sals ride with Anne on Monday morning,
  • did another short Sals ride with Anne on Tuesday morning,
  • rode Lehigh with Rich and Greg on Tuesday afternoon (I got tired and bailed),
  • did Nox with Anne and Mike on Wednesday, and
  • rode Mauch Chunk Ridge — including Bob’s Option, for the first time in maybe 10 years — this morning.

We caught some overnight rain at the Jamboree, but overall the weather has been sunny, especially down our way. This makes for beautiful riding days, but our local trails are starting to dry out, getting dusty and scrabbly and generally showing the strain. We have a few more days of sun before storms hit, but I’m feeling the strain myself, and tomorrow is a well-deserved rest day — I left my gym bag in the Mauch Chunk Lake parking lot; the boat rental people grabbed it for me so we’re going back up tomorrow to get it, and we’ll make lemonade from the situation by renting kayaks. Saturday we’ll ride out to the Velodrome and cheer Anne’s brother Joe at the first ‘cross race of the season.

Colors are just on the verge of changing, and some leaves have already started to fall, and I just heard some geese, through the open window as they flew past. Autumn is about to drop.

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