That Fit Feeling

We did a run this morning and some errands later, so there was no bike ride for me today — maybe tomorrow, when the weather will be better, if a bit colder than today. Meantime, we hit the weights yesterday, including squats…

I woke up this morning sore, mostly my biceps and upper back: recovery, prostaglandins, the usual fallout I guess. I also have been finding myself needing a bit more sleep in general lately — I’ve also been a bit of a night owl recently though, and that may be why mornings are drifting later, but I suspect that it’s my typical reaction to heavier exercise: I need a lot more sleep.

By the way, WXPN is playing their entire song library, from A to Z. They’re deep into the L’s right now, and I’m jamming out to Gary Wright’s “Love is Alive,” super loud — the truth is, I’ve had it cranked since “Louie Louie.” My soul’s like a wheel that’s turning…

Now they’re playing “Love Is All Around” by the Troggs.

2 Responses to That Fit Feeling

  1. It is a good feeling, like the purring of a cat or an engine.
    I like your metaphor (or is it a simile) of your soul as a wheel that’s turning.

  2. Well, what I actually meant was, its’ ironic that “fit” = sore and tired. And those words were a quote from the song.