Snow Crash

Hi. I’m back. How fares the world?

I haven’t posted much lately, because I haven’t felt like I have much to say, but I have been up to things and getting them done: I finished that SQL course, I got all my photos through the end of 2019 onto Flickr, and… uh, well I guess that’s about it.

What else have I been doing? A lot of shoveling, and a lot of XC skiing. We got hit with a huge storm a few weeks back, with maybe 30″ of snow dumped on us, and we’ve been getting another 3″-4″ every few days ever since, and up until yesterday also we’ve had really cold temperatures — ideal conditions for skiing. I got out maybe two or three times a week this whole past month, and (until yesterday) the conditions were spectacular.

Here are some shots from the early storm:

After another storm I got out for some more pictures:

I got in some snowshoeing as well, but that’s never as much fun… Sunday I misjudged conditions and blew off skiing to trudge around Sand Island, then had to see all the Facebook posts of awesome XC fun. I tried to make up for it, and went out yesterday in the snowfall, but things were so warm and sticky I broke my boot…

It might be for the best: the air feels like spring and the light looks like spring, and the temperatures will be almost 50 by the end of the week — the XC season is probably over around here. But it was good while it lasted!

And with that I will leave you with another GoPro masterpiece on YouTube:

4 Responses to Snow Crash

  1. Avatar Scott Slingerland
    Scott Slingerland says:

    Great vlog post “walking on sticks”! Nice gopro footage. How’s the chest mount and the new the camera working out?

    • Thanks Scott! I still think that as a data hoarder, I really have to be careful with something that generates gigabyte-sized files on every ride — I can’t throw anything out, and I’ll end up filling my hard drive in no time — but I really do enjoy playing with the camera. I have to work on my curating/compilation/editing skills though…

      The verdict is still out on the chest mount. I like using it better than I like wearing the helmet mount, but for biking the video shows my handlebars, which I find distracting. Some time I’d like to hear your thoughts, I know you have the chest mount also.

  2. Never X Country skiied before! I am exhausted!

  3. wow snow deep, even on your porch!